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  • From the streets of Columbus Ohio to the streets of Kyoto Japan, every human being carries stress in different ways. It affects our health, our focus, our mental abilities, our very lives. Massage is not a luxury, but a necessity that helps one relax and balance their everyday lives. Click on this photo to go to the Akossage Home Page.
  • At Akossage you will find many of the different modalities of massage. From Shiatsu to Ashiatsu, Thai to Thai Foot Massage, Relaxation to Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage, Pre-natal to Athletic Massage, Zen Face Therapy to a Specialized Japanese Facial Massage that will take years off your stress filled face. Click this photo to see the different types of massage available.
  • If you've had a massage before, you will remember times when you felt your money was wasted. Never will you experience this feeling at Akossage. Our therapist has been internationally trained in many modalities of massage. Not only are the rates fair, but what you will receive and take with you is far beyond what you will pay. Click this photo to be taken to the rates.
  • How many times have you wanted to just relax? Be in your own world without outside pressure influencing your mind. At Akossage, you will be able to leave your troubles at the door while healing takes place through massage. Click here for contact information and directions.
  • It's easy to get hold of Akossage, just click here to see the contact page.
  • if you are seeking not just a Facial Massage, but something that will restore your natural beauty, rid your face of noticeable lines and wrinkles, flush your face of harmful toxins and beautify your skin to a youthful glow – this is what you want!!! It is specialized.
  • Pregnant and in pain? Back killing you? Wondering how you are going to sleep tonight. Getting more tired than a sloth in winter? Then Akossage is where you need to be. Receiving a specialized massage from your therapist at Akossage will help relieve those pains that have been so prevelant during your pregnancy. You will love this! Click here to be take to the pre-natal massage page.
  • Have someone you care about or love? Do they need what you have already experienced? Do you want to give them something they will always remember and be thankful for? Then click here to go the the Gift Certificate page. There is nothing better than a relaxing massage from Akossage. Affordable. Rejuvenating. Appreciated.
  • If the sound of having a therapist's feet on your back sounds like pain, then you have a misconception of Ashiatsu! This is not your friend's 'backwalk'. This is an artform of massage in which the therapist applies just the right pressure while holding on to two bars extending from the ceiling. While you are lying on the table, your therapist will find every muscle that needs therapy and apply the right amount of pressure to relieve pain and stress. You will end the session relaxed and refreshed. Click on this photo to be taken to the Ashiatsu page in Akossage.

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Couple's Aromatouch Healing Workshop

This private workshop is designed for couple's who wants to improve their communication skills through utilizing essential oils and healing touch.
When couple's are consumed with everyday busy life...we tend to forget how to tune into each other's needs.
Aromatouch can help prevent couple's from disconnecting and gives an eye opening experience where it gives hope and tools to heal
each other's body as well as heart.

Ako will be happy to guide each couple's through the workshop and help them understand the importance of gentle healing touch and essential oils
in both couple's communication and healing. She cannot wait to see how the Aromatouch brings couple's closer and transform them into new level of relationship.

Date: Flexible (Please book date and time via phone call or email)

Duration: 4hrs
Price:$300 (for two)



I am honored that you have come to my site. In Columbus, you have the choice of many massage therapists, but as you probably know, not every massage is the same. As a matter of fact, if you have had massages in the past, you know how different each therapist can be. Massage is not just about 'technique', but a sincere care, concern and compassion for the client. It HAS to be a true inner passion of the therapist or it becomes just about money and the client is the one to suffer.

You will find massage at Akossage, Columbus, to be complete and healing. The therapist will be in tune with each muscle, determining which style of massage is best and how much pressure will help in healing and cleansing the area of soreness. You will enter into a haven where you are protected from outside stressful interference and leave more relaxed and healed.

There are many modalities of specialized massage at Akossage. Ako has been nationally and internationally trained in areas of: Ashiatsu, Thai Massage, Relaxation Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Massage for Pregnant Women (also called Pre-Natal Massage), Reflexology,Specialized Japanese Facial Therapy and Massage, and Reiki.

Click on the corresponding word to learn more about the diffrerent styles of massage we practice at Akossage:  Services • Rates

Thank you again for trust. Please feel free to call Ako at: 614-309-6028 for an appointment. 

114 S. High Street, Dublin, OH  43017



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