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Spiritual Integration
Mind Body Connection Programs

Looking Up

 Mind Body Connection
12 Week Program


This program is designed for individuals ready to rediscover their ability to communicate with the INNER VOICE that may have been overlooked for an extended period. In the midst of our hectic daily lives, we often lose touch with the mind-body communication we naturally had as children, leading us to ignore signals and messages from our bodies about when to slow down and understand what is the limit, so you could identify what is sufficient/ enough for our overall well-being. Having a personal mind-body connector as a regular guide will assist you in reestablishing a WHOLISTIC CONNECTION between your mind and body. This connection allows you to navigate through mental games and patterns that may overshadow your body's messages and inner voice. It helps you readjust to a state of BALANCE, ultimately reshaping your path with a more LIBERATED and RESILIENT MINDSET and BEHAVIOR, allowing you to experience and be who you are MEANT to be. Ako, an exceptional Mind Body Connector, healer, and communicator, is here to lead you in experiencing the unity of your mind, body, and spirit. Through this program, you can cultivate a sense of wholeness, leading to a more satisfying life, preventing continuous disconnection from your body, and enabling you to appreciate each present moment fully.

 Intensive Soul Embodiment 
8 Week Program 

Whether you've recently ended a relationship, resigned from your job, experienced a loss, or embarked on a solo spiritual growth journey, taking time for healing and self-restoration is essential before venturing into the next chapter of life. This Intensive program delves into transforming the current hustle and bustle of life into a more mindful existence. By exploring and applying powerful CLARITY tools and resources, participants can uncover their "authentic" selves and discover core values that guide inner happiness. Ideal for those ready to engage in transformative work, this program empowers individuals to bring forth their best versions, aligning their actions with their true selves. It encourages a shift from pretending to be someone else or striving for an uncertain version of happiness.   Based on a Stanford University master's degree program developed in 1979 to foster creativity, authenticity, and self-expression, this program assists in adapting to a powerful mindful lifestyle within a busy routine. If you are ready to move away from self-shaming and the "not enough" lifestyle, stepping into the sustainable world of self-contentment contact Ako by making a 15min discovery call. She will be happy to get to know you, and let you know if you are ready for a 8 weeks of SOUL WORK to DECLUTTER your mind and meet the NEW YOU in 2024.

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