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 Japanese Yutori Life Coaching 
Creating Peace of Mind & Space

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 Mind Body Connection
12 Week Program


Let me somehow got to this web page with curiosity and not knowing why...If you are reading this you may be seeking and ready to rediscover who you really are, and ability to communicate with the INNER VOICE that you have lost along the way. We often lose touch with the mind-body communication we naturally had as children, ignore signals and messages from our body about when to slow down and understand what is the limit, and end up feeling emotionally bogged down and feeling heavy inside. This is because every human body is to how much capable of handling the stress and pressure around us. We also tend to live in the past and make ourselves feeling "stuck"...Having a personal mind-body connector & life mentor like Ako can assist you in reestablishing a WHOLISTIC CONNECTION between your mind and body.  The more you feel at PEACE and BALANCE inside, ultimately help you reshaping your path with a more LIBERATED and RESILIENT MINDSET and BEHAVIOR, allowing you to experience and be who you are MEANT to be. How wonderful would it be to see yourself with a new sense of clarity, peace and positivity, feeling back to yourself again? If this feels right to you make an appointment with Ako, so she can help clear your mind to focus on your desired state. 

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 Awakening Soul Embodiment 
8 Week Program 

Whether you've recently ended a relationship, resigned from your job, experienced a loss, or embarked on a solo spiritual growth journey, taking time for healing and self-restoration is essential before venturing into the next chapter of life. This Intensive program delves into transforming yourself into more mindful existence. You get to explore and apply powerful CLARITY tools and resources, and uncover your "authentic" self. For next eight weeks you get to  practice living with your true core values, which will guide you to sustainable inner peace and happiness. Ako is looking for people who have started their transformative work, and seeking to bring out the best versions of themselves and empower their life.  It encourages a shift from pretending to be someone else or striving for an uncertain version of happiness.   If you are ready to move away from self-shaming and the "not enough" lifestyle, stepping into the sustainable world of self-contentment contact Ako by making a 30min discovery call. She will be happy to get to know you, and let you know if you are ready for a 8 weeks of SOUL WORK to DECLUTTER your mind and meet the NEW YOU in 2024.

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Try a Discovery Call

with Ako!

You were born with wings, why prefer crawl through life?

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