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12 Week Transformational Program

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Who can benefit from Metamorphosis Life Coach and Transformational Program?

Metamorphosis/Life coach & Divine Feminine Healing offers a great transformational program for anyone who wants to make difference in their life. Are you getting tired of fixing situations or issues every time something comes up, always end up taking care of other people's problems, or worrying about how other people think you should live your life..? Do they sound familiar to you? Are you ready to come out of your shell, and feel more open, positive, stable, confident and happier? Do you feel there's always something holding you back whenever you try to focus on your potential and success? If so, the Twelve Week Transformational program is right for you, and it can bring you higher awarenesses you never experienced before. It will allow you to have the healing you deserve and able to let go old blockages that have been stopping you from becoming happier and successful.

What Kind of Situations Can be Helped?

Losses & Grief in Life: Job loss, Death in the Family,  Separation, Divorce, Loss of Passion & Desire.
Seeking a Career Change & Step Up
Seeking Happier New YOU
Diet Struggles and Weight Loss Issues
Seeking Healthier and Independent YOU
Seeking Healthier Relationship/ Marriage
Seeking Financial Freedom
Coping with Emotional Imbalance, Trauma, Inner Child Wounds & Depression

When can I start? 

First, signing up for a Self-Discovery session with Ako. If you resonate with her session then sign up for a 12 week transformational program. It will be the best investment you've ever made for yourself, and carry it along rest of your life. You will be expected to show up for an hour of your time every week for consecutive twelve weeks. Sessions are offered via zoom call or in person, depending on how busy your schedule is. You can reschedule up to *two times. The program will expire after *four months. Just make an appointment with Ako for your First Timer Self-Discovery Session. She can guide you through the session to make it easier for you to decide if this program is what you are seeking at this time of your life.

First Step:  Sign up for a Self-Discovery Session

Self-Discovery Session is a great jump start to experience a taste of what health and life coach is all about. You get to ask as many concerns and questions within 60min session. During the session Ako will be sharing some insightful information and questions to help raise your awarenesses, so you can be more clearer and able to pinpoint what you are really stuck with, and see what you need to focus on next 12 week transformational program to become the highest version of yourself. This is a very important session that can also tell if you are right fit for the program or not. Feel free to contact Ako and step into a transformational journey that can bring in so much potential and change how see yourself in future. 

Next Step: Sign Up for a 12 Week Transformational Program

Each session we will recap your progresses and identify what's stopping you from moving forward. Ako will be sharing new information/ tools that you can apply into your life right away. She will also give you experiential exercises you can do during and in between sessions, and discuss about the measurable steps toward your goals that you can stick with. Everything we discuss is confidential, so you can put your heart and mind at rest. Each time you meet with Ako you will be building up the strength and flexibility to grow the person you want to be in your life. As you make progress you would feel more flexible, resilient, at ease and confident in yourself  and start to see difference in the world around you. 

Self Discovery Session $85

Full Payment of 12(1hr) Sessions 

3 Installment Payments

Monthly Payment of 4(1hr) Sessions

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Testimonial from Karana in Marysville, OH

12 Week Transformational Program has given me the foundation work, tools and mindset that I have been missing all this time. Ako taught me how to make peace & bringing all of who I was with me into the future, and not just the "best" parts leaving the "bad" in the past. I'm confident that now that I can continue forward towards my goal of becoming a happier, healthier me and succeeding.  I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend this Course and Coach to anyone who genuinely desires to change their life for the better, but has not found the "right" tools for their personal success. 

Message from Ako

I am very excited to be part of your new journey and changes that you never thought you could do it before. It is my greatest calling and joy to guide and see you grow into a person you've always wanted to become and meant to be. Cannot wait to take a new step forward with you!

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