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Sacred Earth Women's Retreat Testimonials from 2018

Yes, I have been procrastinating...and shied away from blogging....Somehow I had a digital anxiety...LOL

But this year...I am at the point where I've practiced being true to my authenticity enough that it's time to share my passion and mission with the readers who enjoy listening to what I'm sharing, and hopefully, we can feel as a whole... I also feel like as I share will be easier for readers to visualize how Akossage will be evolving in time...and feel as part of Akossage rebirthing experience.

So, my passion is helping women...Why women? Because through the decades we've been suppressed...we even allowed ourselves to get to the point where we become third wheel....Even to this day...we see ourselves...the last person on the list to be taken care of....We don't give ourselves a slack...Not sure what we are trying to prove...but we tend to take care of everybody else but ourselves...NO MORE OF THAT!!!

I was also raised in Japanese culture....I've seen both good and culture can affect our worthiness...But I love the healing arts of our Japanese culture...Being one (as if we breathe as one) with nature. The arts of healing in Japan can take us deeper level of awarenesses and consciousness that Western culture have lost...even modern Japanese people have forgotten its importance and value nowadays for being so caught up in work, title of jobs, role of the family....which also, relates to Western style of living....Sad way of living...isn't it? When do we learn to pause...feel the life...listen to our soul? So, here I the perfect timing and space...being called to do what I am good guide people how to let go...and provide that safe environment...

So, in 2018 Sacred Earth Women's Retreat was based on sharing the traditional Japanese healing art, JAPENESE TEA CEREMONY and it's concept of how to be in the present moment So, it can help us to connect within ourselves, among divine womanhood and appreciate one another through receiving tea ceremony and heal every senses in our body.

Here are some of the testimonials:

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