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How Pandemic Changed Our Healing Joy

It's been over five -six weeks since I saw my last client at Akossage. I remember feeling very odd that we had to take every precaution when every person that walked into the session looked pretty healthy..... I gave out some natural home made sanitizers to my clients, made sure oils were diffusing in each room, had a mask (that I had purchased even before the pandemic started) on, washing hands constantly, and even putting oils and sanitizer in the massage cream to purify people's body.

Then the stay-home order came into affect, and what was normalcy before slowly started to fade away...Taking social distancing (6ft apart), not hugging nor touching is our normalcy now, which is not very healthy in the long run...because we all need mind-body-heart relaxation and healing. There's nothing that can replace personal pure therapeutic/relaxation touch, massage and energy work.

I have been hitting with new awarenesses where massage is not just one way street. I was also gaining tremendous support, connection and healing from communicating with each body ready to be healed...For me massage is an art of communication where I can listen and hear where body is not tuned correctly...I can pick up numerous blockages, tightness and knots in the body like reading a map that's showing me a trail where body is not allowing itself to be open, flow and function in a healthy manner. My hands just move where body needs to be untangled and unwind...almost like loosening up a very tight rubber band ball...Every time something loosens up...then another area of the body calls me for help...Then I see my client's face starts relax, ease up and even waiting for me to go in deeper to unfold all the built up tension that they've accumulated. Some people make a big sigh...or nod...whenever I'm on the right spot where they feel it's not wanting to let go.... I watch and match with their breathing...breathing all the energy I channel from the universe into the area to let the healing energy sinks in.... melt into the body...then..I wait for a few seconds...There's no more tension lingering....dissipating like a magical wonder.... There's nothing like sharing that sacred healing experience together...there's no pill nor incision involved...It's ALL pure energy and natural healing power that body restore itself....I'm just a middle person where i'm partaking in the healing orchestra...and feel grateful to witness that divine moment where people's soul fits right back into their optimal body that they've wearing a human suit that fits perfect for them without uncomfortableness and pain.

I miss that sacred experience more than the words can describe....

My soul sometimes wonder....what is my purpose during this social distancing if I cannot touch nor massage....

Then something told me to write what I truly feel...and let people know that I yarn for their treatments as much as they do.....and when we all can go back...may be we will experience something more greater and magical...

I cannot wait to see all your faces!!!!

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