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About Akossage Healing Center
|Massage Columbus Ohio|

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Akossage is a place where you can be totally separated from your daily physical, mental and emotional stress. As soon as you step into Akossage, you will be greeted and surrounded by nurturing and healing energy of Ako, where your soul feels at home.

Here you can be yourself without distraction and be at peace with your mind and body. By the end of the session, your tension will be alleviated and your circulation and energy will begin to flow throughout your body like you haven't had for a long time. You will experience the powerful effects of Akossage through mental clarity and the joy you feel within. Once you receive a massage, energy work, or life coaching at Akossage, you'll be back again and again, as your soul feels like coming back home.

Ako Kojoma, LMT | Owner | Akossage, LLC

I'm an incredibly fortunate healer, therapist, Reiki Master and life coach who has been deeply appreciated, loved and unwavering support from loyal clients who have been with Akossage for more than five, ten, and even eighteen years. My journey in the world of massage began at the age of 6-7 when I started creating massage gift tickets for Mother's and Father's Day. I vividly remember a significant moment from my childhood that remains with me to this day - the instance when I realized my life's purpose at such a young age. It was the moment I alleviated my father's stress after a long day of work. I would stand behind him, massaging his shoulders, and experiencing a profound connection to the joy in his smile and the sense of relaxation that washed over his entire body. The healing touch that I've honed and integrated into my very being is a genuine manifestation of unconditional love and compassion.

I approach every massage as a sacred act of healing, firmly believing in the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit as one harmonious entity. In this present time, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to assisting people in disconnecting and resetting their minds as part of my healing practice through brainwave healing.

I encourage everyone to experience this unique service, as you won't find it anywhere else but here at Akossage in Dublin, OH or in Japan.

I am honored that you chose me to help you regain your energy, spirit and joy. I have seen many people change, leading healthier lifestyles and recharged with positive energy through my work, which is my passion and goal. 

Ako Kojoma, Owner,
18 years of healing experience

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-TCM Mastery Coach 2024

-TCM Transformational Coach 2024

-Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage 2024

-Japanese Theta Brainwave Healing Scalp Massage-Tokyo, Japan 2023

-Adult Clarity Catalyst Coach 2023

-Clarity Catalyst Coaching 2023

-National Guild Consultant Hypnotist 2022

-SoulCollage® Facilitator 2022

-HCI Certified Life Coach 2021

-HCI Health Certified Coach 2021

-Polarity Reflexologist 2020

-Polarity Practitioner 2019

-Sound Vibrational Practitioner 2019

-Reiki Drum Practitioner

-Usui Ryoho Reiki Master

-Golf Master Practitioner 

-Ashiatsu Practitioner

- Traditional Thai Massage

-Traditional Thai Reflexologist

-Japanese Facial Massage Therapy - Kyoto, Japan 2013

-Infant Massage Instructor

-Crystal Energy Practitioner


· Graduated from AIAM: American Institute of Alternative Medicine 2006

· Obtained a Medical Massage License from AMTA 2006

· Graduated from Capital University: BA in Art Therapy & Art  2004

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