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What is Reiki 

Reiki is a sacred energy work originated in Japan that has been passed on for decades and spread internationally.

Akossage is offering ALL four levels of  Reiki workshops starting with level 1, level 2, Advanced Reiki Training and Master Reiki. In each level you will be receiving an attunement by a Reiki Master, in order for a practitioner to be able to user Reiki right away.

These workshops are intended for people who are ready to seek their own spiritual growth and transformation as well as utilizing Reiki for the self care, improving relationships, reducing emotional and physical pain, healing treatments for animals, mother earth and and planet. Many empath people tend to be drawn to Reiki for craving both healing and balancing spiritual abilities. Reiki can only use for good intention. Ako is very comfortable guiding empaths who have fear in taking on other people's energy, as well as at a loss of their spiritual journey.

Every workshop is very hands on and you will have a choice of learning privately or semi privately. Ako will make sure that each student will be well taken care of, questions to be answered and feel confident about going on their Reiki journey to be guided as a powerful Reiki practitioner. 

She is also specialized in consulting and navigating each student's passion and gifts to seek their calling and aligned path.

 Usui Reiki Ryoho Workshop 

Reiki Level 1 初伝 

Self Purify and Growth

Time; 10am-4:30pm

Tuition:$400 (Semi Private)

      $550 (Private)

Lunch & pendulum included

Guided Meditation

Introduction& Meaning



Chakra & Pendulum 

Self Healing Technique

Healing Others Technique


Reiki Level 2 奥伝 

Healing Beyond Time&Space


Tuition: $550 (Semi-P)

               $700 (Private)

Lunch included

Guided Meditation

Level 1 Review


Distant Healing Technique

Protection & Cleansing Technique

Eliminating Unwanted Patterns and Habits


Advanced Reiki Training


Tuition: $700 (Semi-P)

                 $950 (Private)

Lunch included

Guided Meditation

Level 2 Review


Meditation Exercise

Aura Clearing Technique

Crystal Grid Technique


Reiki Master 神秘伝 

Time: 10am-4;00pm          FULL 2 days

Tuition: $1,200 (Semi-P)

                $1,440 (Private)

Lunch included

Guided Meditation

Sound Healing

Level 1-ART Review


Attunement Techniques

for all levels



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