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Massage Services Columbus | Akossage Healing Center

What is it you're seeking? Do you want to relax from a long day's work or taking care of the children? Are you looking for some energy work to revitalize your inner being? Do you want to learn how specific pure essential oils can help in the healing process of different ailments you may have?


Check out the many benefits of massage here.


Then Akossage Day Spa and Healing Center is for you. When you enter our doors, you enter into a safe place. A space where you are able to let go of your worries and pain. We offer a variety of services solely for your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. Ako is a Reiki Master with certified skills in Crystal Energy Therapy, Reiki Drum Therapy and Aromatouch massage and Aromaflow Meditation.


Come and enter your safe-place to experience a healing touch you may have never experienced before.


Call Akossage at 614-309-6028 today for your healing appointment.


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Benefits of Massage

There are many health Benefits from Massage Therapy:

·       Stress Relief  

·       Managing Anxiety 

·       Managing Depression 

·       Pain Relief 

·       Stiffness Relief 

·       Blood Pressure Control 

·       Infant Growth 

·       Sports Related Injuries 

·       Boosts Immunity 

·       Promotes tissue regeneration 

·       Boosts alertness 

·       Reduces PMS Symptoms 

·       Reduces back pain 

·       Reduces Migraine & Headache Pain 

·       Improves Sleep 

·       Easier labor for expectant mothers 

·       Ease medication dependence 

·       Stimulates Lymph Flow 

·       Increase Joint Flexibility 

·       Increases energy level 

·       Relaxation 

·       Improves Circulation 

·       Increases endorphins 

·       Assists in elimination of waste products 

·       Speed healing after injury or surgery 

·       Enhance recovery from disease 

·       Promotes general wellbeing & self-esteem 

·       Improves range of motion 

·       Reduces pain from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

·       Reduces Fatigue 

·       One of the most beneficial treatments of Fibromyalgia 

·       Enhances Skin Tone and Skin Health 

·       Satisfies need for human touch 

·       Improves Posture 

·       Promotes deeper breathing 

·       Pre-term infants have improved weight-gain

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