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Shamanic Reiki Drumming is a specialized method of introducing Reiki energy into a client’s energy field to facilitate deep relaxation and stress relief. As stress is relieved, tensions and blockages in the physical, emotional and cellular bodies are often released as well. Biofeedback research indicates that even brief heartbeat drumming can double light meditative brainwaves (alpha) and reduce stress. Shamanic Reiki Drum practitioners use the drum to introduce Reiki into the client’s body, shifting blockages and rebalancing the energy field. The bringing together of these two systems means that the energy of the drum becomes gentle, protective and works for the highest good of the client just as in a normal Reiki treatment.

The Shamanic Reiki Drum Technique is the fusion of Reiki and shamanic medicine drumming. Popular in the United States it is known as Reiki Drumming. Much of the drumming is rooted in shamanic practices, and during this very sacred time, you may find release of blockages in your

Chakras and find it a profound experience of personal, spiritual development and deep healing. Balancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies simultaneously can be experienced as well. Return your body to its ideal vibratory frequency while harmonizing your energy with the heartbeat of the earth

Ako Kojoma is certified in Shamanic Reiki Drumming and is a Master Reiki Instructor under the direct spiritual guidance of Dr. Usui.

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