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Brain Yoga Hypnosis

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What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis--also called a hypnotherapy--is a wonderful healing tool with a trained certified hypnotist, Ako. She directs your mind into a state of deep relaxation and focused concentration by verbal guidance and imagery, helping your inner critique to quiet down while your subconscious comes forward. Open up to new ways of seeing, perceiving and approach things in life that would make it more balanced, peaceful, joyful and happier. 

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis is misunderstood due to how it has often been portrayed in films and on TV shows. In authentic hypnosis/hypnotherapy, you will have control and focus at all times. You won't lose consciousness--On the contrary, you will be in a state similar to daydreaming where you are fully aware of everything that's going on. You'll still have control over your experiences and can accept/reject any suggestions.


What to Expect in Hypnosis

In each session, Ako will check in on how your experience in life currently is. If there's any obstacles or hardships at the moment, she can guide you through. She will be able to identify unrealistic, unproductive, and anxiety/fear -arousing thoughts that are causing your mind to get distracted. From that point, Ako will use relaxation inducing techniques--and hypnosis--to let the mind be less triggered by past experiences. For the first three sessions, Ako will also give a self-hypnosis exercise you can do at home--which enhances the work we do in each appointment.

What are the Benefits?

Hypnosis can help people with anxiety, fear, anger, mental distress, emotional and physical pain, PTSD, insomnia, behavior controlled issues (losing weight, diet and lifestyle changes), phobias, childhood trauma, childbirth, surgery, cancer, and relationship issues. Ako is specialized in releasing deep rooted emotions that have been paralyzing parts of life. If you struggle with overthinking, it is also beneficial to receive a Reiki or Relaxation massage offered by Ako prior to appointments. 

When Can I Start?

If you are curious to find out what hypnosis can do for you, book an 120min hypnosis assessment and consultation appointment with Ako. During the consultation, she will be asking multiple questions to get to know your mind and behavioral patterns better. Then, she will guide you to set up a goal for the next 4-6 sessions--which help you know what you need the most in order to improve your quality of life. (You can experience pre-hypnosis exercises and self hypnosis, which will prep you for the future sessions). To gain the most effective result, it would be good to stick with weekly or biweekly sessions for the first four to six sessions. Each session after the consultation is normally 60min long. It would be also very effective to take hypnosis in conjunction with Luminary and Visionary Life Coaching sessions offered by Ako.


120min Assessment and Consultation

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60min Brain Yoga Hypnosis Session

(Available Online)

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