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 Renewal & Rediscovery 

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Ako would like to give you a warm welcome and kindly requests that you grant yourself permission to step away from the draining hustle and bustle of life, which has the potential to restore your sense of self-love and happiness. It is of the utmost importance for your soul to have the freedom to simply be, and to feel secure in order to reconnect with your heart and realign with your life's purpose. Now that we are here, it's time to break free from the ceaseless cycle of self-depletion, where you constantly give to others until your own well is nearly empty. It's only a matter of time before you find yourself in a state of scarcity.

The fact that you've arrived at this page is a sign of a fresh beginning, where you will finally encounter the opportunity to embark on a journey of self-reconnection. It's a day dedicated to powerful inner healing, self-realignment, and rediscovery, all tailored to meet your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Ako is thrilled to lead you on the path to a healthier, more fulfilling life, one that you've longed for and can now attain, even reclaiming your personal power along the way.

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Ako has crafted three distinct tiers of private retreat experiences, each tailored to cater to your specific needs. Should you seek a day of respite from the hectic pace and overwhelming stress, with a desire for profound inner cleansing, I would suggest considering the Renewal Package. If you're in need of a soul journey realignment and redirection, the Rediscover Package would be an ideal choice. For those who are weary of procrastination, have done some shadow works, and are ready to face and embark on their soul journey with a wealth of transformative changes, the Luminary Package is a highly recommended option. If you need a little guidance from Ako, she will be happy to assist!


Each package consists of different services that are right for you. It normally starts in the morning around 9:30am and ends in the later afternoon around 4:30pm, except Luminary package will end around 5:30pm. Lunch and snack are all provided, so you don't have to bring anything.If you have any diet restrictions please make sure to let Ako know when you sign up.  


Ako has eagerly awaited the opportunity to develop a comprehensive private retreat, allowing individuals set aside and dedicate an entire day to indulging in an immersive healing experience tailored to their unique spiritual, emotional, and mental needs, free from the disruptions of work and family. In a world increasingly dominated by a fast-paced digital lifestyle, it is crucial to quiet our minds and, instead, immerse ourselves in the organic world, allowing us to reawaken our intuition, creativity, and healing as the essential elements of a more authentic, pure life.


As soon as you know your schedule we can plan the date for your personal private retreat. Since Ako does have many weekly regular clients that come in for an intuitive massage, energy work and coaching, earlier you book would be the best. In order to save your special retreat date, a deposit of 50 percent of the private retreat  fee must be made on the day of sign up, and the full payment must be made a week before the retreat date. It is highly recommended to book 2-3 weeks in advance at the latest. 

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