Sacred Earth Women's Silent Retreat Columbus | Akossage Healing Spa
June 10th-12th, 2022
Single Occupancy Only
Spots will be filled quickly

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Sacred Earth Women's Silent Retreat
All Inclusive - The Art of Divine Feminine Self-Discovery

June 10-12, 2022
Single Occupancy Only 
Spots will be filled quickly! 

Our Sacred Earth Women's Retreat is intended for full body healing experience right in the middle of the nature sanctuary in Bainbridge, OH. This has been a 10-year dream of Ako Kojoma, the owner of Akossage. She is happy to share this experience with her clients and anyone in need of deep soul revival healing.


So many women tend to feel lost and lose track of who they are through a hasty lifestyle. We tend to catch ourselves giving attention, time and energy to people we love without realizing how little time we give to ourselves and end up feeling like we are living in a shadow of ourselves.


During the three day Sacred Earth Women's Retreat, you will be experiencing the highest quality of healing, which you get to pick one from Polarity /Reiki Aura Clearing/ Aromatouch Technique, guided meditation with breathing techniques, healing food for our souls, hiking in the mystical nature, Creative Healing Art activities. THE SECOND DAY OF THE RETREAT WILL BE SILENT, for thorough self-healing and discovery. We will help you to get there, if you are very beginner of the silent retreat.Through the Sacred Earth Women's Retreat, Ako hopes everyone will reconnect with the essence of their true self, as well as sharing the joy of celebrating womanhood.

The first day of the retreat is all about unwinding from hustle and bustle life style, calming the mind by unplugging oneself from the outside world (digital world), grounding, getting in touch with inner self, and tapping into one’s healing journey through healing food, moon light meditation and getting to know the healing circle of Sacred Earth women. 


The second day of the retreat will be a day focused on inner peace, expression and discovery via silence, different healing activities, modalities, detox food (Japanese home made cooking in the evening) and ceremonies that utilizes connection, energy and five elements of nature. Allowing ourselves to pause, disconnect from our chattering mind, and feel comfortable and safe to create inner dialogue within ourselves, will help us let go of old patterns of behavior, thoughts and emotions even faster. 


The last day of the retreat will be finding own inner light that one can call it home, embracing authenticity, rediscover divine power(self-worth), sharing and celebrating the art of living and transformation. 


 Come and join the mystical journey of Sacred Earth Women…Let yourself unfold in deep inner healing! Everything is provided at the retreat. All you need to do is just let your-self be and go. 


You will love the mother earth experience & zen-like energy at the may even experience a spiritual rebirth in a sacred and safe environment.


Please note that you will be never forced to do activities at the retreat, so you are welcome to spend time with yourself doing what you would like. We will distribute the itinerary every morning, so you are welcome to join us as you please. 


This year we are focusing on five elements from Polarity Therapy to bring in the law of nature into our healing.

Disclaimer: Those leading the Sacred Earth Retreat are not licensed counselors or addiction counselors and this retreat is not for rehabilitation purposes.


The Retreat is $970 per person single occupancy this year for 3 days filled with the above-mentioned healing activities, including 5 delicious and nutritious meals..




If you would like to reserve your spot right away, fill out the form and finish your payment in full. 


I cannot wait to see all your faces soon!


There are a limited number of rooms available, so please sign up early if you can!


With Your Healing In Mind;




A portion of the proceeds will be given to the following charities: Star House for Homeless Youth ( and Highlands Nature Preservation.


** CANCELLATION POLICY:  Due to the small amount of 'spots' available, we need to have a cancellation policy in place. If you cancel before September 10,  you will receive 50% of your total amount.  If you cancel bet May 27th and June 3rd, you will receive 25% back.  If you cancel after June 3rd, there will be no refund. Please let us know well in advance if you have chosen this option prior to the retreat. Thank you.

Sacred Earth Women's Retreat: Registration


June 10-12th
Single Occupancy Only
Registration is Now OPEN

2 nights and 3 days of lodging 

Three 45 mins of breath work, crystal bowel bathing, drumming therapy, moonlight meditation &
 guided meditation classes

Mystical Walking Meditation/ Hiking excursion with Gaia

5 healthy meals
based on five elements & Japanese healing diet
(Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday breakfast)

YYYReiki Aura Cleansing Work/ PolarityTherapy/

Aromatouch Technique

Pick one from above

5Elemental Detoxifying Ceremonies: Drumming, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Either, and Crystal Bowl Sound Bathing/ Ocean Therapy

Soul Collage
Art Journal and Mandala 

Full Day Silent Retreat: Friday evening to Saturday evening
with silent activities

Gentle Polarity
Stretching, exercises and grounding meditation

***Please keep in mind that you are not required to take every activity and class. This is your healing time and retreat, so feel free to join us whenever you like! if you prefer some solitude time we are very supportive of your plan.***