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Japanese Brainwave Healing Massage Columbus | Akossage Healing Center

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Head Massage

Meditative Theta Brainwave Healing

Japan has a rich tradition of head massage aimed at alleviating stress and restoring harmony to the mind, body, and heart. The Japanese Theta Scalp Massage, a creation of a highly acclaimed Tokyo-based hairdresser and innovator, Mr. Yanoshiro emerged from his desire to empower women to feel happier, more confident, and at peace with themselves. Ako's journey led her to recognize the importance of brain-focused treatments, as the brain serves as the epicenter of stress and its cascading effects on the body. Ako feels very honored to be the forever student of his prodigy, Ms. Miyoko Hatamoto to gain the skillset that has been passed on.

Ako firmly believes that addressing and healing the brain is pivotal for achieving longevity, anti-aging benefits, and overall well-being. She is convinced that guiding brainwaves into the Theta state, from the alert and active beta state, through a carefully designed rhythmic sequence of techniques and pressure, plays a pivotal role in rebooting the brain's system. During a 30-60-minute session, this approach brings about profound renewal and fosters a deep sense of appreciation throughout the body. This unique massage induces a hypnotic state of mind, where one remains aware of their surroundings while shedding worries, anxiety, and self-criticism.

At Akossage, you have the opportunity to experience the transformative Theta Brainwave Healing/Japanese Theta Scalp Massage, a treatment previously unavailable in the US. Ako's skilled hands guide your nervous system towards tranquility, eliminating the need for self-imposed slowdowns. Ako proudly stands as the pioneering healer in the US offering this Japanese scalp massage with Theta brainwave healing. If you can envision yourself benefiting from this experience, simply reach out via text or phone call to schedule an appointment.

Ako recommends pairing the massage with a 60-minute session of Japanese Reiki, Japanese Facial massage, or Aromatouch therapy to enhance and prolong the remarkable healing effects. We eagerly anticipate your upcoming visit and the transformative journey. 

Benefits of Japanese Brainwave Healing

  • Helps with headaches and migraines

  • Eases insomnia

  • Improves hormonal balance (helps with menopose)

  • Helps with depressed feelings

  • Increases focus (helps with ADHD)

  • Slows down aging and helps you feel younger

  • Improves with immune system

  • Integrates the healing you just received

  • Relieves distress and unsettling feelings

  • Revitalize your senses of realign your energy

  • Helps your mind to process and shift positively

  • Helps you move forward in life

  • Helps the function of your second brain, intestinal system

  • Rewire your brain to help process things positively and balanced

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30min Theta Scalp Massage
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60min Theta Scalp Massage
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Georgeanne & Jake

So nice to see Jake feel energized, productive and focused! He's got more positive perspective even a week after the session. Jake's brain seems back online now. Many Thanks! 

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