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Cupping Therapy
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"If there is free flow, there is no pain. If there's pain, there's no free flow" Li Dong Yuan

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The Ancient Art Healing

How Does Cupping Work?

In Cuppings massage, typically cuppings made of glass or plastics are used and placed on the major tight muscle groups, such as neck, shoulders, back, gluteus, arms, legs, calves and feet to lift the tissue by creating the suction into the cups. This will not only give some deep relief to the tension area, but it will also draw out some toxins that have been causing the problems. and bring more ki / energy flow which gives benefit to total relaxation, flexibility, pain relief, and better circulation. 

Is Cupping Painful?

It shouldn't be, however depending on the amount of toxins you have in the tight area, you may feel sore afterwards for couple of days, just like when you receive a deep tissue massage. With Ako she's very experienced enough that you don't have to worry much. She will be able to read your body as to how much your body can handle, and able to control the suction level and timing of releasing the cups from your body. If you tend to get bruised easily, make sure Ako knows your condition beforehand, so she can adjust the pressure of suction accordingly to your likings. Sometimes worse areas can leave temporary marks, which will fade away within five to seven days. 

What Are the Benefits of Getting Cuppings?

Other than the most well known benefits of reducing pain, tightness, inflammation, increasing ki (energy) and blood flow, and range of motion,  cuppings can be also very helpful with migraine, headaches, chronic pain, back pain, knee pain, neck and shoulder pain, Plantar Fascialitis, lymph drainage, respiratory, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, rheumatoid, Brachialgia, hyper tension, anxiety and depression. 

What to Expect During the Session

Most of the time Ako will be using cuppings as additional healing tools besides her experienced healing techniques. You will not be left alone with cuppings on your skin, instead Ako will be massaging and doing some fascia release work to make sure you get full benefit of both massage and cuppings. This will help the body to release the tension and pain quicker, and leaving you with a feeling of increased mobility, flexibility and total relaxation. You would love cupping massage therapy if you enjoy deep therapeutic work. 

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