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Filling Your Cup

90 Day Transformational Mindful Living Program

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  • Are you feeling like you never get time for yourself to actually sit down and relax for once? Always trying to be available for others but  can’t be for yourself?

  • Does your mind always go back and forth between what happened in the past, and what may or may not happen in future? Feeling anxious, worried, and overwhelmed?

  • Do you tend to end up feeling guilty for talking short with people that are closer to you?

If you nodded “yes’, “yes”, and “yes” then this program is definitely designed for you!

What you will be gaining from the program:


-How to “Fill Your Cup” by valuing time and choices that align with your heart.


-Learn what is your energy tank consists of, what gives you more balance and energy to your mind and body.


-Discover healthy rituals, movements and mindsets that can help you sustain a self-love based lifestyle. 

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Yoga Mates

 I often work with women whose hands are full of responsibilities, stress and worry. These women may be single, married, or retired from different paths of life. Oftentimes they each have something in common; struggling to be kind to themselves. I’d like to help them release the heavy emotions that weigh them down– I want to see them being truly happy rather than burnt out. Along the way I will guide them to discover unexpected interests, gifts, awareness, and goals that will help open up their full potential and their soul purpose. Let’s get started!

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