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Mind Body Connection Coaching Program

Elevate Mind Body Life

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 It's time to elevate your life via Mind Body connection! 

"Elevate Mind Body Connection" coaching offers a great life connection program. What's your biggest struggle right now, that's not allowing you to take the path you want to take? What's really holding you back? Do you feel like you are standing at the fork road; contemplating whether to leap, to take that other road or stay? If you resonate with all these questions, you are ready to meet with Mind Body Connection Coach/Spiritual Life Coach, Ako. She can give you some powerful tools to clear your mind, understand how the energy in your body can be impacted by your thoughts and feelings, align your heart and mind, so you can  take a step forward toward the life you've always wanted. Having Ako as a body mind connection healer/communicator/spiritual life coach will allow you to heal from the past deep inner wounds, and become the person you are meant to be. Yes, she does her coaching both ONLINE and In PERSON. If your heart felt excited as you read this you are ready!

What You Will Gain:

  • Sustainable Positive Self-Fulfilling Mindset

  • Inner Peace, Harmony & Balance

  • Healthier Boundaries and Clear Path

  • Overcoming Stuckness

  • Lead a Lifestyle Aligned with Your Truth and Happiness

  • Financially Independent Lifestyle

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Why I do what I do

During the eighteen years of helping people with pain as a passionate intuitive healer, I learned that "dis-ease" is deeply rooted from pain we created from negative emotions, limited thinking and self-sabotaging mindset that have been stuck in our mind, body and spirit. Taking care of our mind is the greatest hands-on preventative care for aging, chronic psycho-somatic pain, life threatening acute and chronic disease, and auto-immune disease. I am now gradually transitioning from offering 'a quick healing fix" to "a long term life changing transformation journey", so we can prevent blockages and pain to manifest in physical realm. It would be my greatest joy and life work to help those women who want to walk the path of authenticity, clarity, truth, empowerment and simplicity to build their happiness and wealth. Let me guide you in a light, so you can see your self-worth and live by nothing but meeting your worth. I am experienced in empowering inter-racial relationships, empath adolescence and adult, and divorced parents (struggling to communicate, accept and understand their teens), adults having trouble seeing their future that makes them happier, peaceful and joyful,  teens (going through gender shifting, transitioning at home or  being bullied at school) coaching.

Hop on a Self-Discovery Call!

If you are contemplating whether to dive into the coaching program or not, I would highly recommend to take a 60min Self-Discovery Zoom Session with Mind Body Connection Coach/Spiritual life Coach, Ako. This way not only you get to have a taste of what Mind Body Connection coaching is all about, but also get some clear vision/direction of your future. You are welcome to bring as many concerns and questions within the time frame.  Ako will be guiding you step by step, so you know what to expect as you move forward with  mind body connection sessions. Coach Ako will be sharing some insightful information and questions to help raise your awarenesses, so you can see what is holding you back, what needs to get unstuck and able to envision where you want to be exactly in next 3-6 months. This is  very important session that can also tell if you are right fit for the program or not. Feel free to contact Ako and step into this magical journey that can bring in so much clarity, calmness, peace and joy in how see yourself in future. 

60min Self-Discovery Zoom Session

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" Elevate Life via Mind Body Connection"

12 Week Coaching Program

Each session we will recap your progresses and identify what's stopping you from moving forward. Coaching is different from counseling. Counseling focuses on the past, whereas coaching focuses on present and future. Past is just a reference for present and future, that can guide us to understand where we tend to get stuck and also how to get unstuck. Each time you come back to your session, Ako will be sharing new information/ tools that you can apply into your life right away. She will also give you experiential exercises you can do during and in between sessions, and discuss about the measurable steps toward your goals that you can stick with. Everything we discuss is confidential, so you can put your heart and mind at rest. Each time you meet with Ako you will be stretching your mind a bit by bit like taking a brain yoga, building up the strength and flexibility to grow into the person you've always wanted. You will be surprised how fast you see yourself shifting as long as you have will, commitment, openness and acceptance. As you make progress you would feel more flexible, resilient, at ease and confident in yourself  and start to see difference in the world around you. If you are 100 percent sure to commit and ready to do the work to transform your life, but need less sessions, Coach Ako is also offering 8 week Intensive Mind Body Connection Course. 

60min x 12 Sessions 
 with a
30min Brainwave Healing  session
30min Discovery call
(You save $335)
with Ako

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 Karana in Marysville, OH

12 Week Transformational Program has given me the foundation work, tools and mindset that I have been missing all this time. Ako taught me how to make peace & bringing all of who I was with me into the future, and not just the "best" parts leaving the "bad" in the past. I'm confident that now that I can continue forward towards my goal of becoming a happier, healthier me and succeeding.  I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend this Course and Coach to anyone who genuinely desires to change their life for the better, but has not found the "right" tools for their personal success. 

A Warm Welcome from Ako

"I am very excited and ready to embark on a life fulfilling 12 week transformational journey with you! It is my greatest passion and joy to illuminate the  path you are meant to walk, and see yourself in a new light! As your mindset stretches out 180 and calibrates, everything else starts to align and fall in its place. You will be surprised to find various potentials you get to create and manifest. You become  an unstoppable transformation. 

Cannot wait to dive in together with you in this magical journey."

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Contact Me For Any Questions Or Concerns You May Have

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