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With many massage therapists in Columbus, it's important to note that not all massages are equal. Genuine care and compassion is necessary, as it's not just about technique. Massage at Akossage is a unique intuitive healing, tailored to each muscle with the right style and pressure. You'll find a haven here, free from external stressors, leaving you relaxed and healed.

Akossage offers various specialized services including Ashiatsu, Brainwave Healing, Prenatal, Thai Reflexology, Japanese Facial Therapy,  Usui Ryoho Reiki, Life Coaching and much more!

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Ako is a special kind of massage therapist - she listens to my words, but also has the ability to understand what my body needs.. Each visit seems completely customized based on my what’s going on with me. She puts her heart and soul into each session and she’s made me a believer that massage is actually a healing experience for my mind and body and that everything is connected.

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About Akossage

Akossage offers a stress-free environment, promoting mental and physical wellbeing. Ako, a mind body connection healer/communicator offers her own innovative style of intuitive healing where she listens to the body and brings it back to the utmost fine tune, believing in the connection of mind, body, and spirit. Many have benefited from her unwinding healing technique, positive energy, and leading to healthier lifestyles. Ako is specialized in bringing back the perfect flow, balance and harmony that  body has been yarning, and help people feel like they can finally breathe and at peace with their own body. 


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