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Mind Body Connection
     Yutori Life

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Why Mind Body Connection

Have you had a strong sensation of feeling stuck in life...and just can't shake it off? Almost as if you were in the swamp? Mind boggling, heart weighing down and the body just keeps tensing up more and more? There's no space to breathe nor relax....Noticing the rush of negative thoughts and feelings of self-judgement and criticism bubbling up and eating you away as you lose in touch with yourself. Immense feeling of you or against the world, ready to attack or hide from the world...

You are not alone...I've been there countless times, and understand exactly where you are.


So, my question for you is how would you change that state of mind, behavior and being who you are? How would you quit hurting yourself and let go those old shackles on your feet?


Mind Body Connection Coaching program is perfect antidote to reconnect mind and body, so you can really hear the voice of your heart that has never been acknowledged and ignite the fire that has been dimmed inside. So, you can develop the inner torch light to see who you were meant to be and walk on the earth. 

What does it mean to have
a Japanese Yutori Life

  • To gain and maintain the peace of mind and spaciousness in the mind, heart and body.

  • Art of slowing down, focus on centering and living mindfully.

  • Allowing and accepting the flow of changes as it is with spaciousness.

  • Allowing mental, emotional and spiritual interaction with things around you as part of nature.

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My Purpose in Coaching

  • Taking care of our mind is hands on preventative care and antidote for anxiety and depression.

  • I'm a strong believer that pain and stagnation can manifest not just in the body but mind as well.

  • If you like my motto of living: "Whatever you manifest that doesn't serve you can be undone as long as you commit to your transformation" then you have found your transformational coach.

  • I'm a healer and mind body connector to create a safe place to open up your dark icky parts of you, and able to guide you to see the light during the process of transformational work. 

  • It is the most rewarding work to be able to hold the space for people to experience "aha!" moment (mind body connection) that give them peace of mind, room to breathe and to feel empowered to walk the path of authenticity, clarity, truth, empowerment and YUTORI-having spacious life. 

  • My work is to help people find themselves in the spaciousness, expansion and flow of changing life without holding onto fear and pain, which is the ultimate happiness and wealth.

Hop on a Self-Discovery Call!

   Having Ako as a Yutori life coach will allow you to unleash and heal yourself from the past wounds and get in touch with the part of yourself without carrying  long ignored and neglected emotions. We will be also working on reprinting the past negative memories, so you can have a new pattern of thought process and behavior when you are ready.  

     It's never too late to hop on a discovery call to find the map, direction and desire of your next chapter that you've been seeking. Yes, she offers coaching sessions ONLINE, so you can meet her from anywhere in the world. Try a discovery call session first and find out if this program is the right fit for you. If your heart gets excited in the discovery call then you know you are on the right path! 

Discovery Consultation 
Save $75 value

until August 31, 2024

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" Yutori Life via Mind Body Connection"

12 Week Coaching Program
  • In each session we do weekly recap on the progress: what's going well and what's stopping you to move forward.

  • Coaching focuses on the present and future. We only focus on the past as a reference to understand the pattern of the current behavior, and find the resource/ root of why things are the way they are and how to shift from the present stuck situation. 

  • Ako will be sharing new information/ tools that you can apply into your life right away.

  • Each week you will have experiential exercises you can do during and in between sessions, and discuss about the measurable steps toward your goals that you can stick with.

  • Everything we discuss is confidential, so you can put your heart and mind at rest.

  • Each time you meet with Ako you will be stretching your mind a bit by bit like taking a yoga for your brain, so you can hear, sense and visualize what you didn't before. 

  • Your commitment to show up to the each session, willingness to open up for change and being yourself are key to the transformation.

  • As you make progress you would feel more flexible, resilient, at ease and confident in yourself  and start to see difference in the world around you. If you are 100 percent sure to commit and ready to do the work to transform your life, but need less sessions, Coach Ako is also offering 8 week Intensive Awakening Spiritual Embodiment  Course. 

60min x 12 Sessions 
Pay in Full: $1620

30min Brainwave Healing
60min Discovery call
(You save $410

until Aug 31, 2024

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 Payment Option:
$540/month X3

30min Brainwave Healing

(You save $260)
until Aug 31, 2024

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Let's make a discovery call appointment!

 Karana in Marysville, OH

12 Week Transformational Program has given me the foundation work, tools and mindset that I have been missing all this time. Ako taught me how to make peace & bringing all of who I was with me into the future, and not just the "best" parts leaving the "bad" in the past. I'm confident that now that I can continue forward towards my goal of becoming a happier, healthier me and succeeding.  I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend this Course and Coach to anyone who genuinely desires to change their life for the better, but has not found the "right" tools for their personal success. 

A Warm Welcome from Ako

"I am very excited and ready to embark on a life fulfilling 12 week transformational journey with you! It is my greatest passion and joy to illuminate the  path you are meant to walk, and see yourself in a new light! As your mindset stretches out 180 and calibrates, everything else starts to align and fall in its place. You will be surprised to find various potentials you get to create and manifest. You become  an unstoppable transformation. 

Cannot wait to dive in together with you in this magical journey."

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