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Don't Miss Aroma Reiki and Sound Healing Meditation by Sanjati & Akossage on April 27th

Now that Easter is over...we are back to Sanjati time!

If this is your first experience with the sound healing concert...then this is one of a kind healing journey, packed with all the goodness of love, healing and inner peace. You get to have your peace of mind by laying down quietly and taking it all in like a shower of beautiful guided meditation, sound healing, Reiki and Aroma Therapy all in one hour! Probably, you won't get this anywhere else, and there's nothing like it... The power of our healing concert is pretty astonishing....It works in the cellular and energy level....

I have witnessed an audience who came up to me after the concert and told me he came in with a sprained ankle, went to get a X-ray on that week, had to wear an ankle and foot supporter...then after experiencing the Aroma Reiki & Sound Healing Concert @ Akossage for the first time...the pain went away...He could not believe what just happened..nor why it's gone....

Sometimes when we follow our intuition and be in a place at the right place and timing...without any expectation....healing takes place very very fast...and this might be your right timing and place...Our sincere suggestions would be leave all your expectations behind...just be and let yourself go....that's the best way for healing process to occur...and just enjoy receiving...We forget that sometimes...too much analyzing....too much staying in our head....too much comparing....too much expecting something to happen...too much everything...Just be and enjoy NOW...and TRUST that everything that supposed to happen will happen.

Sanjati and Akossage are looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow!!!

Here's a link to reserve your seat and sign up!

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