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Aroma Reiki and Sound Healing Meditation Concert by Sanjati & Akossage on April 26th!

Now that Easter is's Sanjati time. LOL

If you have not experienced Sanjati yet then it's time to come and learn what it is all about. What you are about to experience may blow your mind and every cell in your body....because there's nothing like it...At least I never experienced something so captivating, powerful and healing all packed in one! Many people have told us that they cannot believe they could experience something like this right in the heart of Old Dublin, OH....LOL Yes, I can see an event like this happening in NYC...but probably, nobody would expect in OH, and may be that's why it's a gem...Don't need to go to all the way to experience a vortex...because there's one right here @ Akossage, and pretty damn powerful! LOL

When you come in...try to leave all your expectations and analytical mind outside just like you turn off a cell phone...Just let yourself BE and GO. Enjoy being in the moment, in the healing space, and a ride of healing you are about to experience.

Last year we met someone who came in with a really bad sprained ankle...He shared with us that he had to go see a doctor, took X-ray, and had to wear an ankle supporter that week...and wasn't sure if he could relax at the concert..After experiencing the Aroma Reiki & Sound Healing...he was astonished that his pain went away...totally gone...and never came back...That told us that people are in need of more holistic approach of healing...Something people can enjoy, experience and believe. :)

Come and check us out! Here's how to get a ticket and sign up!


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