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Don't Miss Out On Financial Assistance Program for Sacred Earth Women's Retreat

We want to help your rebirthing experience

Paying it Forward

We all go through difficult times in life…Things happen unexpectedly, which can be inevitable. It’s nobody’s fault…and not even anything you did…We get it and we’ve been there, so we can all relate to you.

Sometimes we lose our job, experience a death in the family, breakups, separation, divorce, serious health conditions, or other unexpected life events. When we are at a crossroads we can feel so overwhelmed, alone, left behind, or even hard to keep our head above our own negative emotions that come in and out like waves of anxiety.

Some people take this time as a time for self-reflection to get to the next step, review their past and present, and see what they want to create in the future. Everything happens for a reason and you are not making any mistake, nor will you end up alone. You are here because you are on a transformation journey and given the opportunity to rediscover your new SELF, potentials, and goals in life.

So, somehow the universe led you to the Akossage website and you stumbled across with Sacred Earth Women’s Retreat.

Yes, you are very much guided and shown by the divine purpose that this is what you need at this time, but due to the financial reasons, you are stuck due to the cost.

So, what options do you have other than not go…? Well, you might be lucky! This year we are putting together a Financial Assistance Program, where you can get a $100 discounted price on a retreat. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be a huge discount (hopefully, we can offer a full scholarship opportunity in future…but we are still growing), but hopefully, any financial help may be able to help you to attend. So, if you feel this would be helpful to your situation, please apply for our financial assistance program.

Important Details

Here’s how it works and apply for assistance:

  1. Write an essay on how the Sacred Earth Women’s Retreat would fit into your current life situation, and how you can benefit from it. The more details you can give, the more it will help us understand your need and situation. We will pick two people that we resonate with and feel are a well-matched candidate for this year’s retreat. We recommend that all candidates apply with an essay as early as possible to improve a chance to receive assistance.

  2. Please send your entry essay to by June 8th. We will review them and respond with email by June 10th. Please make sure to write your name, email address and phone number that we can reach you.

  3. Upon approval, it is required to make a full payment of $467 either by credit card, check or cash. Otherwise, we will contact the next candidate who is hoping to go.


How do I make sure I’m registered?

Submitting an essay does not automatically register you for the retreat. If you are accepted for the financial assistance, you will receive an email from Akossage on June 10th. For recipients of financial assistance, any remaining balance will become due and payable when you receive your confirmation.

If I am not accepted into this assistance program, is there any chance I could get one later?

If you do not receive an email back from us by June 10th, you will be put on a waiting list. If someone cancels their financial assistance, we consider people on the waiting list.

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