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Check Out New Reiki Workshop Page!

I can be a big time procrastinator....and if I could use Reiki and magically update my site I would...LOL

So, I finally buckled down this afternoon....and before I even started I put my intention out there, and aligned my energy to the universe....asking for the guidance to create the perfect Reiki workshop page for the seekers to find....When it comes to the healing business I know deep down that it's not me that making things happen...I have to be led...because it's the universe/divine power/God that is connecting us and working through us to understand, experiment and experience this amazing healing energy that remind us we are all light being...exchanging the life force for the goodness of the people, earth and the universe.

We are all in the vulnerable energetic transition where we get pulled by polarized opinions, feelings, emotions and thoughts...Balance is always the key...Find our own pendulum within ourselves....Focusing what feel right to us is how we balance in this pandemic....

Reiki is another wonderful form of aligning our spirit, mind and body.

Please check this page:

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