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Sacred Earth Women's Retreat

Our Sacred Earth Women's Retreat is intended for full body healing experience right in the middle of the nature sanctuary in Bainbridge, OH. This has been a 10 year dream of Ako Kojoma, the owner of Akossage. She is happy to share this with her clients and anyone in need of deep soul revival healing.

Ako notices so many women tend to feel lost and lose track of who they are through a hasty lifestyle. We tend to catch ourselves giving attention, time and energy to people we love without realizing how little time we give to ourselves and end up feeling like we are living in a shadow of ourselves.

During the Retreat's three days, you will experience the highest quality healing through an outdoor moonlit massage, meditation, healing food for our souls, Pilates, hiking in the mystical nature, creative therapy and aromatherapy activities. Through the Sacred Earth Women's Retreat, Ako hopes everyone will gain a sense of higher awareness and a reconnecting the oneness with the essence of who we are, as well as sharing joy of celebrating womanhood.

If you are a nurturer, you will love the mother earth & zen like energy at the retreat...It will sweep off your feet and cuddle you like no other place could.

Please note that you will be never forced to do activities at the retreat, so you are welcome to spend time with yourself doing what you would like. We will distribute the itinerary every morning, so you are welcome to join us as you please. Each room has two beds and attendees will be paired up for the weekend.

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