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Embracing the True Power of My Call as a Healing Artist

It is my honor to introduce a young lady I just met two days ago...Interestingly, there was an instant connection we both felt in the greeting an old soul I used to know. Sometimes in the healing work I'm not sure who is the student. I provide a healing and yet there's a spiritual learning inside of the healing itself...To me whether I massage, do Reiki, or Polarity I feel like opening a healing gift box every time...Whenever I give healing touch to people...I feel like I'm following a map of the personal spiritual journey of the person on the table...It's hard to describe it...Every area that people feel tension or pain in the a path of their personal journey...and here I am I get to follow that path and vision what they went through energetically...To me every map I encounter is beautiful...

Here's a testimonial from Tiffany...She will tell you more about what your future session will be going to be like at Akossage. Von Voyage!.

A massage with Ako is a truly spiritual and healing journey! Don’t be fooled by the business domicile- Akossage shares the space with an insurance agent- just entering Akossage is like finding a hidden treasure! Upon entry, I ascended the stairs to the second level where Ako greeted me. She spent much time getting to know me, what brings me to her and what my comfort level of massage is- so that she can better attune my massage to meet my needs. I had thrown out my back on Saturday and limped along like someone tethered my shoulder to my hips, until I was able to make an appointment with Ako on Tuesday. Ako was amazing, she was able to help open my chest and my hips- as a person with a Trauma background- Ako was sensitive to my special needs, and made me feel safe. She instantly soothed me, not just with estential oils….but, something about her demeanor made me feel at ease. She encouraged me to relax- telling me this was my time. Something in that simple statement made me feel at peace, comfortable- it was in that safety that Ako was able to not only massage my body, so that I have more flexibility and less pain the following day- but she also gave my very unrestful mind permission to let as much go in the moment that I could and enjoy the therapeutic conclusion of my journey in finding Akossage. Ako did an amazing job of combining a myriad of massage techniques, and I am so happy and blessed she could fit me into her schedule, short notice! Thank you for keeping me moving and for the “spiritual boost” you gave me! Merci Beaucoup, Muchas Gracias y, Domo Arigatogozimasu- Tiffany

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