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Earth Meditation & Cleansing Day

There's nothing like being in the nature and close to the earth, water, fire, air and ether element when we meditate...This was the most beautiful experience I was able to share with my meditation students for the first time. Feeling the air of spring..., mist drifting off the waterfalls, listening to the sound of gentle water cascades like white noise in the back ground.., the joyful sound of a cardinal's song echoing..., and feeling the rigidity of cool rocks beneath our yoga at. We each had our own solitude and connection with our Gaia, the divine earth. It made us feel everything will be o.k. because we are here now...The earth was speaking to us and letting us know that what's more important is to be here in the moment....Stay neutral, then we will understand that whatever we think matter...don't matter...That's only our chattering mind...rerouting places we cannot find peace, mindfulness, joy nor happiness....If we could just stop a moment...not running, walking nor talking......just observe, inhale, exhale and stay in the present...then we get to experience what we should be experiencing in life...and able to let things go that really don't serve us and help our well-being.

The magic of meditation is finding that internal space that brings us joy, happiness and peace from within. When we are outside we are more capable of emerging the internal space with the external by deepening the connection with nature..."As above, so is below". When we feel that oneness with nature then we start to care and see nature and us as a whole...Just as much as we don't want to put junk in our sacred body...we don't want to leave any junk behind in the nature that has given us so much...So, I made trash hunting as a part of the meditation, a practice of mindfulness....Last week we spent only forty minutes on Earth cleansing after the meditation. Scroll down to the last photo to see how much we gathered the unwanted trash, and cleansed the earth.

If you are interested in Akossage Earth Meditation class please email to or text 614.309.6028

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